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Random Fact: Singing and playing guitar in my free time makes my heart happy!

I'm Lisa! I am a full time, lifestyle Photographer located in Knoxville, Tennessee. My life when I'm not shooting revolves around spending time with my three, busy bee kids and my amazing husband! I work like crazy, but you can often find me cheering on the sidelines at a dance competition, a cross country or track meet, a basketball game Orrrr having a snuggle sesh on the couch with my people. 

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My first session without editing out my scars

I'm most happy when I'm at home, on the couch with my people watching a movie with lots of chip options and ice cream! I am an introverted extrovert...I thrive on being social, but I need lots of downtime. I'm a recovering perfectionist living out my dreams one photoshoot at a time. I love food, dancing, therapy, makeup, sweatpants, Elvis Presley, and sometimes I say the f-word. Let's be best friends!

PS. I've seen the movie Bridesmaids more times than I'm proud of. ;) 


So what makes me....

You feel me?

Because I know how important it is to document all the moments in life that we can. Time is fleeting. And as we all know, life is uncertain. I swear it was just yesterday I held my baby girl for the first time and now she's in high school!? My boys are almost my height and wasn't I was just changing their diapers??

What started as a need to encapsulate my personal memories, turned into a passion to help my clients  document their memories, too! Being creative has always been an outlet for me, but finding photography was the perfect mix of creativity, art, culture, and human connection. It has been an endless journey of purpose that has fed my soul like nothing else. Whether I'm shooting a family, headshots, or a boudoir session, I thank my lucky stars everyday for each client that puts their trust in me!

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Emma Kate

Just call me EK! I’m a PR major at UT with a minor in design and loving every second of it! if I'm not busy making silly tiktoks at work you can find me working hard on my sorority’s social media accounts (yay DZ!) or hanging out with kids at Farragut High as a Younglife leader! No one can convince me that “dear john” isn’t the best Taylor Swift song of all time! 



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"The vibe and atmosphere of the whole session felt like I was hanging out with my friends which made me feel comfortable but their professionalism and talent is what makes them stand apart. The pictures prove it. I would recommend for everybody to book a session with Lisa and Emma Kate. Trust me, you won’t regret it!"


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